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Start Auslandstagebuch Yvonne Denver, Hiking, Indian Pride ! :)

Denver, Hiking, Indian Pride ! :)

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Denver, Hiking, Indian Pride ! :)


Long time not reported sry! : D So what's happened since the last time?


My family and I were going down this weekend to Denver, where we helped my uncle moving. Then, after being in the heat and super exhausted we went to the hotel. That was super nice, large modern room, good food and the best thing: a large pool. For Yvonn'chen, who loves swimming and diving, just the best thing ever. Was the first time in the water since I am in America: D However, they did it a bit too much of the chlorine. Ivan and I looked like zombies and my eyes have never burned. sooo much in my whole life: (

But everything else was top.) The day after, we went   to the Denver Zoo after having a great breakfast in the lobby . The zoo is HUGE, animals such as hippos and kangaroos.) But the best was the part with the snakes and frogs and the underwater world. The entire Red Sea, I tell ya:) And they had an aquarium where they were  huge fish in there!they were bigger than Ellory! : D: O Today was a cool day too. :) We went hiking in the mountains near the "Rocky Mountain National Park", down along a stream. :) Fresh air and a little bit walking, and nature watching: D I found it beautiful:) And Ellory liked it too.

And then i just got back from my first varsity football game: to cheer in front of such a large crowd is so cool. The atmosphere was great and we have beaten the Eagles with 26 on 6! :): D GO LOVELAND! :)Also, I could wear my uniform for the first time:) But it was sooo cold, although Iwas wearing my tights under the skirt.. (yes, it looked funny, but certainly better than the red jogging pants of the others: D) It was just so cold. We had 52 ° F (about 11 degrees celsius;) ) But Brianna's mom was so nice and bought me a hot chocolate and I've got red loveland indians gloves for games in the winter: D Our  warm ups should be in next week and then we look at least all the same when we are freezing at the games. :D

Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty good. :) My parents now have received the official information of my organization, that
I will stay with the Hansens the whole year : ) Hooray! : D I love everything about this family. :) They are the best.

School has now become  easier and more relaxed. The first quarter is over and my grades are determined: All A (= 1), except history B (= 2): D: D So I'm happy :) .. And in some subjects, I've even more than 100 percent: D (However this works: D: D)

Okay, I'll let you know if there's something new. ;). Until then:): *Yvonne

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