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Snow! :)

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I know I have not written in a while, but I had no time ... : D Now I'm back. This week was technically a really relaxed school week for me. :) On Monday I had a day off, because of  teacher workday. On Wednesday I had been released because of the weather .. yeah that's right weather: D We had a SNOW DAY! :) Sooo cool. It was snowing all nigth long, even two days ago we had about 30° C :D  :OAnd some of the people her went out of power.. So did the schools. :)



Ivan and Joy, of course, had to work anyway, so I spent the day alone at home. I've used the time for a little bit of sport, made my room, school supplies and a lot of pictures and videos of the beautiful snow;)

It was definitely a really pleasant day with hot chocolate and all:) On the eveningthere was  the Book Club from my host mother and her friends and we've talkes about the, "Loveland loves to read" -book.
Super cute group and it was definitely very funny. :)

Today is Thursday, and although  we still had only -8 ° C today, we had to go back to school. : ( But well .. Now I have also my English presentation done and there are no tests or any more projects for the next couple days. ;)
Tomorrow, I would actually have had my last football game,but because of the snow it was cancelled. I think that's sad, but on the other hand, I am also pleased to have more freetime and the fact that I must not stand in the cold. : D: D Now, football season is over and basketball / wrestling starts ... Let's see how this is.
Next Monday is already Halloween ! :) I'm so excited and already have my costume together. :) I'll be with friendsgoing trick or treat and i'll be Luna lovegood. :D! :) Today I was  on a small Halloween party for the company of my host parents with the family. :) That was fun.

And last weekend my firend and me went to a haunted cornmaze. : DThat was great, but especially from the monsters with chainsaws I was really really scared and there was the new moon, so it was really dark. : D creepy: D:)But it was so much fun with all the people and it was one of these unique, american experiences that I have over here that make my exchange year something very special. :)I'll get back again after Halloween! :) See you

Yvonne:): *

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