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Start Auslandstagebuch Yvonne I'm still alive! :D

I'm still alive! :D

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yes.. it's really been a while since I've reported here. : D But as time went by, it is also not so exciting anymore.. it's more like in Germany .. Because even her in America everything is normal now..not new anymore. It's still good so far, only that I was pretty sick the last few days, so I have missed a lot in school ... Right now I'm siiting at home too and my tummy hurts. :( But well....

On November 14 th it was Ellorys birthday, but because this was a Monday, my family just decided to celebrate on the Sunday before. : D: D Strange Americans! Anyway, we went to Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch. On my opinion one of the hottest inventions ever. : D: D I would have celebrated my birthday here every year as a child  ! : D It's like a fast food restaurant, but built like an playland for the little ones. ;)

There are many great games of chance, rides for the smaller ones like parker, photo boxes, sports games and so on .. You get coins , then you must throw them into everything so you can play. And then you get tickets accoring on how well you did. ;)

At the end we have turn these tickets in and then Ellory got little toys and candy. : D

And then in 1.5 weeks it's already my birthday. I am really excited about it, finally unwrap the gifts from home, which are already lying around here forever. :D

Also, I still can not believe that so soon half of my exchange year will be over yet... On the one hand, so sad when you consider what
a great time I have  here, but on the other hand, I am somehow happy too about seeing all my famil and friends so soon again. I really miss them. :(
Many people ask me whether I think Germany or America is better, but to be honest I've never have an answer ... It's just very hard to compare, because everything is so different. : D

Well I'll go bake my
german bread  now... :)

See ya :)



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