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Up and down!

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So to be honest since the last time there was a lot of stuff going on here ...

First we had Thanksgiving, which was so much stuff to eat. But especially the Thanksgiving on Friday with the friends I enjoyed : P It was great fun and I just love the friends group of my host family. :) After Thanksgivin, we also   started putting up all the Christmas decorations and now the whole house looks like at the North Pole. :) It is sooo incredibly cool-I love it. : D Especially the fire place in the living room just looks great and so typically American with all the socks and stuff.


Then after Thanksgiving, my birthday was on Monday. It was a good day: in the morning i skyped with family and friends in Germany and got some very cute congratulations. Thanks again: Then in the school i also got a lot of happy birthday songs and everything. Still do not know why they all knew it: D: D And I've never got soo many hugs in one day haha. : D: D Anyway, it was a good day and in the evening, then there was cake with my family and great gifts. :) All in all, a perfect birthday. Even if it still bothers me, how quickly the time runs by. I have a great time here and I don't like thinking about going home in six months ... : ( : D

School is better every single day now, have now found quite a few really good friends. I'm super happy with everything here ... But then you have days where u are totally homesick and i just miss my best girlfriend from Germany lisa soo much ... it's something you don't have here, because it is just these years and we have been friends for so long and we know everything about each other .. It is hard not to have someone to talk to and I miss everything of our friendship .. if you are sick then or having a bad day at school  it all comes together and the tears roll down ...Yes, an exchangeyear is not always easy but I'm still very happy to be here and it's worth it. You learn so much and it makes one strong. :) So everyone thinking about it and is not sure...DO IT! :)

Now comes the christmas period and I'm super excited. Many traditions here are totally different ... i'll report about this to you next time then .. Now you can first enjoy the decorations photos  ... : D and by the way.. Yes, we have a lot of snow again... :D:D

Yvonne :)

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